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Our Company

About Us

The George Baini Group (GB Group) was founded by George Baini. The Company's main focus is in technologically based services, which functions on personal, commercial and corporate everyday high-tech necessities.

Our motivation is to maximize the quality of the products and services we provide our clientele, at the minimum possible rates. The George Baini Group incessantly make bigger our pronounced conceptions and conform to the expression '...think big... then make it bigger'. This will ensure that the highest standards of proficiency and adaptability are maintained all day, every day at The George Baini Group.

Our philosophy

The George Baini Group follows a set of expectations for every solution we develop for our clients, to ensure optimal quality of service is delivered. Our main expections are, that the solution has been developed properly the first time, that the solution meets all of our high standards, and that our pricing remains competitive without losing quality in our products and services.

Our Vision

The vision of the George Baini Group is to build a platform of diverse technological initiatives for our clientele, and inspire onlookers to see us as the Leaders in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to permanently lead the way in the latest technological concepts and provide the highest standards of service delivery in Computer technology, Network Structures, Security Systems, Food Preservation Technology and Legal Support.


George Baini is the founder and sole Director of The George Baini Group.

He embarked on the vision for a comprehensive technologically based company when he was only 11. This stemmed from his curiosity for ‘what if… ’, which is a concept that generated a vast array of computerised high-tech designs in computer technology.

George commenced his career through experiences in his family businesses, which allowed him to acquire the skills to excel in his business-minded approach to producing a unique rhetoric into a reality. His discipline for a well-organized business perception has contributed to a sound, long-term empire that applies the secrets of computers, science and legal dimensions that have always secured client approval and satisfaction.

As director, George strives to guarantee hands-on knowledge to all aspects of his growing company to secure his ambitions for financial stability, as well as an nationally and internationally renowned multi-functional business model for technologically based service provision.