Office 365

As a Microsoft CSP partner, we can manage your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 solutions for you. You will find our most common Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans below, there are hundreds of plans available and not all of them show up here. If you have require a specific plan you can get in touch to have it provisioned.

There's More

There are hundreds of Office 365 plans, we couldn't fit them all here, if you are looking for a plan in particular or just want to learn more please Contact Us.

Terms and Conditions

Prices include GST. The above services and pricing may not be available in all locations. The provisioning of any service is subject to the outcome of an application process. You can access a full Critical Information Summary for the for the details of all our services. You can also view our Standard Forms of Agreement which explains all our Terms and Conditions when providing you a service. The critical information summary together with the standard forms of agreement form the terms and conditions for services provided by The George Baini Group. In addition, when purchasing Microsoft services from The George Baini Group, you must agree to the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. A copy of the Microsoft Cloud Agreement can be found in the Policies page.